“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

Harper Lee.


The chambers of Cànoves Advocats have more than forty years of experience, working to defend the rights of our clients and to advise them in the prevention of conflict since their foundation by the solicitor Salvador Cànoves Rotger in 1980.

Our work philosophy is based on professional values, commitment, quality and immediate action to anticipate and solve our clients’ problems.

The area of activity of our chambers and offices covers the whole of Spain and especially the Balearic Islands.

The extent of the scope we cover enables us to attend our clients personally, combining as appropriate both direct face-to-face contact and use of the advanced technological means at our disposal.

The team includes experts in the many facets of the law and this contributes to greater efficiency and the basis for solving problems, as the individual sphere of expertise of each of the solicitors has the back-up of the opinions and advice of the other specialists in the office.

Salvador Cànoves i Rotger

Ceo & Founder


Civil Law

Separations and divorces, adoptions, incapacity and guardianship, last wills and testaments, division of inheritances and estates, declarations of the heirs, contracts in general under civil law, tenancies, rights of way, boundaries and property claims, handling of documents signed by notaries, demands for payment, property administration, horizontal property rights, communities of owners, advice and consultancy on holiday rentals. Companies concerned with agrarian transformation, agricultural contracts and rural tenancies.


Judicial Proceedings

Defence of the client’s interests in civil, commercial, labour, social security, criminal and administrative judicial proceedings.

Civil Liability and Insurance

Defence of the client’s interests in civil, commercial, labour, social security, criminal and administrative judicial proceedings.


Legal Rights regarding Health

Financial liability of the health authorities if a patient sustains harm. Injury resulting from megligence, discovery and disclosure of secrets, right to compensation for loss of opportunities, medical negligence, informed consent.


Banking Law

Nullity of abusive clauses (clauses concerning land, IRPH – the Spanish index of reference for mortgages –, late payment surcharges, mortgage expenses, insurance policies tied to payment of mortgage debts).

Tax Law

Inheritances, donations and sales, advice, handling and appeals, evaluations, advice on contradictory surveyors’ reports. VAT, income tax, corporation tax, accountancy, tax office inspections, tax and accounting advice, evaluation of the client’s relations with banks.


Maritime Law

Purchase and sale of boats and ships, advice on tax and insurance matters, processing of the necessary documentation with the maritime authorities.

Commercial Law

Bankruptcy and insolvency, settlements and winding-up of companies (capital ventures and self-employed people) and private individuals, “second chance law”, refinancing agreements, agency contracts, claims against airline companies, commercial contracts in general.

Labour Legislation and Social Security

Contracts, dismissals, “EREs” (agreements on work), Social Security pensions, disablement, retirement; dealings with the supervisory board, handling of wages and payment of amounts due to Social Security.


Property and Building Law

Contracts with building constructors, development promotion, management of projects and technical support. Claims derived from construction deficiencies. Surveyor’s reports to evaluate properties.


Urban Development Law

Development projects, compensation projects, compensation committees and urban developers in collaboration with conservation, advice and assistance in obtaining planning permission and licences.


Administrative Law

Legal advice and assistance in client relations with administrative bodies, legal actions with public administration authorities, damage claims as a result of the normal or abnormal function of the public service sector, expropriations.


Criminal Law

Defence of the client in the Criminal Court of Justice in all kinds of criminal offences. Domestic violence and child abuse. Criminal law in the labour sector.

When required by the Law Courts

Bankruptcy administrators.
Expertise in division of inheritances.

The Professionals who make up the Team








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